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The Stuttgart Counseling and Psychotherapy Network is a group of mental health practitioners living and working in the Stuttgart, Germany region. We come from a variety of countries across the globe, but we are all trained to work with clients in English. Some of us can work in German or other languages as well.


We are independent practitioners who decided to establish this network and website to make it easier for English-speaking clients in our region to find and contact mental health professionals. We come from a variety of professional backgrounds: counselors, clinical psychologists, and social workers. Some of us work only with adults, others with adults and children. 

A list of our members is on the Find a practitioner page. There is a brief description and a link to the practitioner's website, where you can learn more.  *We do not make appointments via this website, please contact practitioners directly.  


If you have any questions which are not answered on these pages, contact us.



Are you looking for a counsellor, psychologist or therapist who works in English?
What is a...
  • counselor
  • psychologist
  • psychiatrist
  • therapist
  • social worker
All of these professional practitioners can provide therapy: the chance to discuss and work on mental health issues using a variety of approaches. A psychiatrist is also a trained medical doctor who can prescribe medication. A clinical psychologist can also carry out a range of assessments and tests.
Go to Resources and links to learn more.

Do you need urgent help?

Go to your local doctor, or your nearest hospital. They will be able to help you. If you can't get there, call the emergency health services in Stuttgart or the emergency number 112

Stuttgart Counseling and Psychotherapy Network
Stuttgart Counseling and Psychotherapy Network
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